At Fromagerie La Chaudière, we throw a lot of names around

every day: Ayoye! Tiguidou! Youpelaï! Tabarouette!

Déguédine! And that’s not all!


Since 1976, the Choquette family has created

a whole collection of products that proudly boast

real Quebec flavor and down-home appeal.

In both Quebec and Ontario, we supply restaurant owners who love having fresh products on hand. You know the ones who like offering customers long and plump, fresh made curds or mozzarella that stretches for miles, or who like to create their own grated cheese combos by mixing Swiss and mozzarella, for example.
If you're one of them, let us know. We're very accommodating!
La Chaudière cheeses are sold at nearly 3,000 big and small grocery retailers. If, by chance, you can't find any, print out the letter below and take it to the manager of your favorite store. You'll see it'll do the trick!
Load up the family in the car and come
take a tour of our cheese factory. It’s really
worth the drive! You will find not only our own fresh made cheeses and all our dairy products,
but also regional and imported gourmet cheeses, plenty of ice cream, yummy candy, maple products, and refreshing beverages. The best
of all is our famous cheese bread and pastries baked on site.

Getting here is easy. Just follow the directions at:
Call us at 1-800-667-4330 or drop us a line at
We'd love to chat with you about it!
Fromagerie La Chaudière inc. 3226, rue Laval, Lac-Mégantic (Quebec) G6B 1A4 819 583-4664 Toll Free : 1 800 667 4330